Friday, April 13, 2012

Preserve the Environment by Going Green

As we watch news channels from all across the globe we see the potential problems that are incurring in the environment. Right now there is tons of garbage that are seen rampant on lands and water sources especially on key cities of third world countries. Pollution has been on an all time high in the world and even little things like cleaning agents are starting to contribute to the slow killing of our planet. Most companies of course would want their premises to be clean and a healthy environment for their workers and clients. These companies mostly rely on commercial cleaning products to maintain the cleanliness of their surroundings. The only problem on this is that most commercial cleaning products are chemical based and are harmful not only to the environment but to the people working on it as well. However there is an alternative solution to this growing problem and cleaning the surroundings of your offices, and the solution are the green cleaning products.

What are Green Cleaning Products?

Environmentally Friendly products have actually existed on the early ages. Our grandparents use this as an alternative in cleaning their homes or offices in the previous decades. The good thing about green cleaning products is that they are environment friendly. Some green cleaning products that were bought in the supermarket can be disposed through the water drain and it won’t cause any damage to our water sources. Another thing is that they don’t cause allergic reactions if they are inhaled or have had skin contact with a human being. The scary thing about chemical based cleaning agents is that when inhaled or if you gain skin contact to them they may cause allergic reactions that can trigger lung and skin problems. These causes more distractions in the work place and could hinder employee productivity because they can be absent or sick due to the allergic reactions.

Preserve the Environment by Going Green

There is no harm in using green alternative cleaning solutions in cleaning your company premises. Not only are you preserving your people or workers from sickness or being absent; you are also helping protect the environment from the dangers of toxic pollution that is emitted by chemical based cleaning agents. Now is the right time to move and help protect our people and most especially our planet. With green cleaning solutions we will be able to reduce the effects of pollution and help slowly preserve our planet Earth.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

What Do You Have to Do in Order to Boost Your Employees Productivity?

Appraisal is the most effective way of showing your employees how much you acknowledge and appreciate every job well done. Having said that, you can also invest a little like establishing a reward system that whenever somebody have accomplished a great job, you could probably treat him or her for a lunch or maybe you can just extend their break. Another thing in order to boost your employees' productivity is to acknowledge every single work they do in fron of others as this will surely boost their morale.

Your employees are very important as they represent the company itself. Their growth is the growth of the company as well. It has been said that to be able to boost your employees' productivity, a clean office or work place should be maintained. According to some research conducted, the employees' productivity could actually increase for up to twenty percent if they are working in a nice work place. Hiring an office cleaning company will be the wisest choice as you don't want your employees to do cleaning chores while there are more vital things to attend to. There are lots of ways in order to boost your employees' productivity. You just need to find out which is more effective.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Execu Clean, Executive Cleaning

Executive cleaning / commercial cleaning / office cleaning are services offered by a company that is expected to provide building maintenance services. An executive cleaning service provider includes residential and commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning, sealing and waxing and all other types of daily office cleaning services. The importance of maintain an office is as vital as the company’s impression to probable investors so making sure it is cleaned and organized all the time is a must.

Discovering the superiority of an executive cleaning provider is something you should not let exceed. There are different execu clean (executive cleaning) services everywhere that provides superb commercial cleaning services. However, in finding the right office cleaning services for you; choose a company that offers a variety that is customized according to the package that best fits your needs. Choose the service provider that estimates and offers consultation of you work place first before doing necessary business beforehand for free.

If you are the boss, consider the satisfaction of your employees if working in a nice environment. Nevertheless, it might boost their productivity. According to some research, the employees’ productivity increase if they are in a working environment that is more at ease and hygienic thus considering an executive cleaning on a regular basis must be taken into consideration. It won’t just motivate your employees to work harder it will also add as a plus factor for your company and workplace presentation to surprise visitors.

Office cleaning services Guidelines

In everything we do there are guidelines in doing our job or cooking properly. When one is buying a pet dog one checks his or her list to determine if it was a good dog or not. In cleaning our homes or offices there are guidelines that we or the office cleaning services follow. Office cleaning services guidelines are a list of job orders by the administrating officer that the cleaning services follow in order to properly clean the office or commercial area. Without the properly cleaning guideline, not everything may be thoroughly cleaned or sanitized.

For office cleaning services to be effective, the management provides them a memo for each floor or department that they would clean or disinfect. When an area in the office has a high population density it is expected that the office cleaning service personnel will be attending to it much more than one with a lower population density. The reason for this is that a high density area means there are more chances for it to be dirty or accidentally be dirty than one with a lower population density.

Office cleaning services guidelines are needed by any other businesses. The office cleaning personnel will become much more efficient if the managing department of a business will give them a list of things to do and things to check that will be suitable for the management and customers taste. Just like anyone else, everybody needs guidelines to become the best at what they do.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 Ways to Motivate your Employees

As an employer, there are many factors to consider in making your employees happy and believe me it doesn’t always involve salary increase. The employees’ satisfaction should always be considered if you want them to be motivated all the time. Remember, a motivated person increases its productivity. The theory that more money is equals to happy employees is a costly mistake!

Here are 5 ways to motivate your employees:

1. Pay attention to your work place.
Who won’t be motivated to work in a clean and green office? It is always relaxing to work in an environment that feels like home. The office should be as organized as possible and all of its features should be taken care of in order to preserve their value. Hiring office cleaning services would be a great option for office cleaning maintenance.
2. Recognition of good work
When your employee accomplished something your appreciation is already an achievement to them. Recognition is free! An employee that knows his work is counted will help boost his morale.
3. Competition
Healthy competitions at work will result into performance increase. This will also help to maintain a positive environment in making sure your employees are doing their best to achieve goals set.
4. Throw out a Pizza party once in a while
Every now and then treating your employees will help break up everyday routine and help people stay motivated to do their job. It is natural for people to anticipate for treats especially at work so practice buying some pizzas or other alternatives in order to give your employees indulgence once in a while.
5. Keep the team spirit.

Most people like to see physically see themselves as a part of the team and keeping the team spirit will likely boost your employees’ camaraderie towards the goal that you have set.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Effective Office Cleaning

A good ambiance, whether in a home or office, is looked at by most people. A place just doesn’t have to look good but it should feel as good as it looks as well. A clean home is the envy of most neighbors, while a clean office or business location keeps investors and customers happy. In keeping our homes or offices organized and clean, we use various methods to properly remove the germs or dirt. Effective office cleaning means keeping a office not just clean looking but properly sanitized to prevent the spread of viruses or germs that could cause employees to get sick.

Effective office cleaning starts from the bottom to the top which are virtually pure in the naked eye. Generally when companies hire office cleaning services, these people use the very best cleaning products or solutions to effectively clean and disinfect the places they are cleaning, whether it is the manager’s office, reception are or comfort rooms, they make use of different methods to satisfy the need for the location they are cleaning.

Every company needs an effective office cleaning method. Without the proper cleaning method, we could lose potential customers or investors due to poor sanitation or standards in terms of cleaning our offices. That’s why companies need to hire office cleaning services in order to cope up with the growing population in the company. These people not only serve us 24 / 7 but they are there to provide the utmost support when accidents or disasters happen.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Useful Office Cleaning Tips

Office Cleaning Tip # 1

Start with your desk.
Use a soft cloth and any spray cleaner you prefer to clean the surface of your desk, monitor, keyboard etc… Your desk is where you put your hands, and where food or drink is possibly consumed. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria and making sure its cleaned is important.

Office Cleaning Tip # 2

Hiring office cleaning Services.
We can all agree that hiring office cleaning services for your work place will be a relieved for every employee. Who would want to devote too much time in cleaning your office while there are important task waiting to be accomplished? However in choosing a service provider, make sure that they are using green cleaning products and methods in order to ensure safety for everyone’s health.

Office Cleaning Tip # 3

Constant Trash Removal.
If you have a large office with multiple rooms, use one of those caddy-style rubber trash cans on wheels to pull around the different areas

Office Cleaning Tip # 4

Give waste baskets a good clean.
We all use our trash bins to throw our trash however we forget that they can become one of the dirtiest places in our offices. Giving your waste basket a good cleaning will prevent germs and bacteria from residing.

Office Cleaning Tip # 5

De – Clutter.
One of the biggest enemies of productivity is a cluttered space.
Getting rid of unwanted files and folders on a regular basis will help a lot in productivity increase. It save time once all of your important documents are organized and futile time is avoided.